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Allow us to handle the preparation of your products before they reach the amazon fulfillment center and save yourself time and money in the process


Container Ship

Port Proximity

Savannah River Fulfillment is conveniently located within 15 minutes of Garden City Container Terminal which is one of the largest container terminals in North America.


Truck and Warehouse


Once your shipment reaches our warehouse we will carefully unload and visually inspect the shipment. Units will be counted and placed in the warehouse ready to be prepped for amazon receipt. Any deficiencies in order quantities or qualities will be communicated to you.


Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

Amazon Prep

Once a prep order is placed, we will verify all requirements for your items (labeling, poly bagging, bubble wrap, etc.) At which time our team will perform the necessary tasks to have your items ready to be sent to the amazon fulfillment center of your choice. Once an order is placed we will have your items ready to leave our warehouse within 48 hours.

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